Who are we?

Great question! Short Run Books is a small division of our family owned and run print company Remous Print Ltd, we have been helping people with the design, print and binding of their books for 40 years.Started original in 1980 by my father Graham, we have worked on every type of book you can imagine, big and small, from 30 copies of a memoir to The Wimbledon Compendium which we typeset and printed for 35 years from it’s inception till 2018 when it’s creator and curator Alan Little passed away.

Short Run books is a core part of our company and employs the same ethos as the wider business which is to deliver great service, great quality at competitive prices for each and every client.

We have a full team of graphic designers, printers and book binders in-house who take great care and attention to ensure your book becomes a reality and the best version it can be.

I have been in the business for 23 years this year and I am proud to say both my father and have started on the shop floor, printing and binding books from day one so we know books inside out and want to give you the benefit of that experience and knowledge.