Design & Type Setting

Design & Type Setting

We have Graphic Designers on site and we are able to cater for all of your design and typesetting needs from simple typesetting to full visual graphics.

Coupled with this we have our own hi-resolution scanning system which allows us to offer extremely accurate image reproduction for your books.

We accept almost any file format, as well as camera ready copy and even hand written copy.

The Agfa Apogee Workflow system installed gives 100% data integrity between proofs and press, so you can rest assured there won’t be any nasty surprises. This system also incorporates the plate making aspect, so once your proofs are approved the plates can be made immediately using the same file that you have proof read.

As Environmentally aware company we have installed the Agfa Chemical Free plate system, which as the name suggests uses no chemicals to ‘develop’ the plate. Remous Print has invested heavily in this area of the company which is one of the most important aspects of book production.

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Our customers say...

  • 'Another excellent job! Catalogue and postcards received and we are as always, very happy.'

    James Thomas – Owner
    Forever England

  • 'The Bulletin feels and looks great. The print looks excellent too, really nice job again Remous!'

    David Gray - Editor
    750 Motor Club

  • Thank you so much for all the magazines. I am really very pleased with everything, and they are beautifully on time.

    Girls Gone By Publishers

  • 'I never got to thank you immensely for helping us get the books on time.  They look amazing!'

    Anna Paola
    Anna Paola Limited t/a Paolita

  • 'The books have just come and they are amazing... they're even better than I first imagined so genuinely thank you all so much'

    Luke Denner
    Plymouth University

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'In-House Quality...'

We pride ourselves on quality and our ability to produce everything in-house, with no outsourcing required on the majority of books. This enables us complete control over your job from Design to Delivery...  more...